Bacon Ridge Trails

Excellent article on mass formation and The Psychology of Totalitarianism, the comparison of the scientists to the pigs in animal farm is accurate, with tiny Tony Fauci as a pig called Napoleon.

Bret Weinstein Exposes the World Health Organizationís Dark Agenda. This is a must watch if you have not seen it. Link to video on Rumble.

Excellent interview with Dr. Robert Malone covering WEF, News manipulation, covid, greed, fraud, etc... Link to video on Rumble.

How safe (ripe for fraud) US elections are. Link to Selection Code movie on Rumble.

Interview on with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Tony Fauci's (evil incarnate) involvement in creating/funding/spreading Covid. Link to video on Rumble.

"As antidepressant use in children has skyrocketed, so has suicide. Suicide rates for those aged 10 to 24 rose 60% from 2007 to 2018, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports, and climbed even higher during the pandemic."

My son hunter. Link to video on Evil evil youtube.

Can you say projection, the real facist calling people that disagree with him facist, it is a mystery to me why most of the media in the US runs cover for this pitiful excuse of a humam. Link to video on Evil evil youtube.

"Trusted" News Initiative, or how the government and big media, along with NPR and PBS present lies as truth.
Straight out of 1984 and the Minitry of Truth. Next they will have 5 mins of hate, oh wait they've started that already.